Growing Our Future: 2017 Food Summit

Growing Our Future - 2017 Food SummitGrowing Our Future: 2017 Food Summit was held on Friday, February 10, 2017 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Clark College Columbia Tech Center | 18700 SE Mill Plain Blvd. Vancouver, WA. This page is a recap of the event including and a summary of findings. If you have questions or thoughts to add, please use the comment form at the bottom of this page.

The Clark County Food System partnered with Clark College to convene a Summit to discuss our local food system in Southwest Washington. There were speakers, workshops, networking, and tasting of beer, wine, coffee and tea while discussing issues and actions gleaned throughout the day.
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The Locavore Lunch & Product Showcase

Provided by Clark College Culinary programs, the delicious variety of seasonal bites will have you nibbling away while visiting local craft and specialty food vendors. Designed for plenty of time to network and make connections!


A special thank you to the producers and organizations that showed their products and provided ingredients

Yellow Door Apiary (honey)
Greene Jungle Farm (meat, eggs)
Cloud Nine Farm (goat’s milk, cheese)
BakerChic’s (artisan bread)
Small Business Community Development
Nature Nate’s (popped sorghum)
Life Butta (superfood – almonds and seeds)
Hunter’s Greens (produce CSA)
Bauer Farm (squash)
NWNut (roasted nuts)
Gifts of the Planet Farm (dried pears)


Food Talks

a food system model

Food System Model

Local Sourcing
One locally grown restaurant story


The Processing Gap
Where do we need to go?


Food Oriented Development and How to Finance
Economic development and investment strategies in the region

food oriented development and how to finance

Breakout Sessions

  • The Distribution Dilemma
    A conversation about the opportunities and challenges entrepreneurial food producers face getting their products to market.

    the distribution dillemma

    Powerpoint Presentation

    independent grocers list

    Word Doc – independent grocers list

    Distribution dilemma resource list

    Word Doc – Resource list

    distribution dilemma outline

    Word Doc – Outline

  • The Next Generation Farmer
    What happens when you cross-pollinate an engineer, an operations manager and acres of rich silt-loam soil? What sort of hybrid vigor results? Explore the skill sets future agrarians need to cultivate a healthy resilient regional food system.

  • Nutrient Loss Prevention for a Lifespan of Health
    Take a look at the philosophy of taste and the nutritional impact of food from infancy to senior wellness. Food affects us throughout life.

    • Richard Hoelzel, CDM, CFPP, FMP
  • Panel: The Business of Good Food
    How do local restaurants source local ingredients? How does supply impact your demand? Where do you see the next generation of restaurants going?

business of good food

Powerpoint Presentation

  • Panel: From Craft to Commercial
    How did you get your product from your kitchen to large scale production? What are the barriers and opportunities that you see for craft products? How can the community better support these business ventures?

  • Growing Good Soil for Great Food
    How do farmers develop good soil and how does it relate to nutrition? A science perspective.

    • Caroline Swansey, Clark STEM Faculty
  • Food Hubs 101 – Farm to Table
    What are “food hubs”? How can they support farmers, sourcing locally, and regional food economies? We’ll discuss the basic components and strategies that food hubs use to benefit farmers and eaters alike, see some examples from around Washington State, and explore what a food hub might look like in Clark County.

    Food hubs 101

    PDF – Presentation

  • Eco-Dynamic Systems
    Clark faculty showcase the work they are doing with students, incorporating hands-on science, agriculture and environment.

    • Kathleen Perillo & Erin Harwood, Clark STEM Faculty
  • The BIG Buy Supply Chain Dilemma
    How do large suppliers work and how do small producers navigate the contract landscape? Where are the disconnects and how do we get that local product to the bigger stage?

  • Fermented Foods & Probiotics
    Fermenting not only preserves food but also enhances nutrient bio-availability and digestion through the action of probiotic Lactobacilli organisms. Water content of fresh, locally-grown produce, in addition to its enhanced nutrient density, creates a superior product. Fermented foods are ideal for small businesses as well as the home table. Tips, techniques, samples and recipes.

    fermentation probiotic & the biome

    Powerpoint Presentation

fermentation probiotic & the biome

Word Doc – Resource Sheet

Key Themes of the Food Summit

At the end of the day was a Conversation Café & Tasting hosted by Slow Food Southwest Washington. We shared our thoughts and what we had learned throughout the day while tasting local teas, wines, & beer. These ideas were captured along with notes from the breakout sessions then combined and organized into four key themes and outlined in the document below.

Key Themes of the Food Summit

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