Meet Carolyn Gordon! Christmas tree farmer and Food System Council Member

1980031_518345264968887_8682610164947283609_oClark County Food System Council Member of the Week:
Carolyn Gordon

“Farming and gardening are a big part of my family’s history. I spent summers in the Midwest where my grandfather had several farms and my great-grandmother always had a vegetable garden. So now, I am continuing that farming tradition by growing Christmas trees on my small farm in La Center. Mostly Nobles opened to the public as a U-cut Christmas Tree Farm in 2010. My husband and I provide all the labor of hand trimming the trees, tackling weeds, and advertising and marketing the farm to both retail and wholesale buyers.

Being a farmer has helped me to understand the challenges of farming in an increasingly urban environment. The Food System Council is a natural extension of this work as it gives me the opportunity to advocate for small farmers in Clark County. For more info on our farm, visit

My background is in research science, but my passion is gardening. So I take a pretty scientific approach to my garden by trying many unusual fruits and vegetables in the small organic orchard and raised bed vegetable garden on our farm.

I’ve been a member of the Food System Council for 3 years and am currently on my second term. I joined the council while working as the WSU Extension Master Gardener Program Coordinator at Heritage Farm. That position gave me a unique insight into the gardening community of Clark County. The Master Gardeners were working on a large project of documenting community gardens in Clark County and providing volunteer garden mentors to many of those gardens. The need for fresh, healthy, local food is great in our community and this project continues to grow and provide for many of the most needy families in Clark County.”

We thought it would be fun to highlight members from the Food System Council every week so that you could get to know us — Check back next week!
We are a volunteer Clark County citizen council made up of members that represent health, nutrition, education, food security, waste management, resource conservation, business, agriculture, food distribution, and the greater community.