Meet Larry Scherer! A farmer and Food System Council Member

Clark County Food System Council Member of the Week:
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“I was born and raised on a family farm along the banks of Salmon Creek. At that time the Felida area was mostly small farms. We raised chickens, and each morning my mother would gather the eggs. The eggs would then cleaned, sorted and put into cartons. Each afternoon the eggs were delivered to local grocery stores. Customers liked Scherer’s Eggs because they were farm fresh.

The family had a large garden and as much as possible was preserved for winter by canning or freezing. Each Fall the basement shelves would be groaning with the weight of hundreds of quarts of fruits and vegetables.

I still live on the family farm and I am passionate about Food! I enjoy the growing, preserving, cooking and of course the eating of food. I believe strongly that people in all areas of Clark County should be able to grow a garden or keep a few chickens. Many outdated land use concepts, such as increasing density and visual uniformity are in direct conflict with the ability of each family to produce food at home. Houses are being built on lots that are so small there is not enough sunlight to grow a tomato plant. Many neighborhoods prohibit gardens visible from the street in favor of green lawns.

A thriving local food system increases food safety, food security, sustainability and our food dollars stay in our community. Home gardens, community gardens, Farmers, CSA’s and Farmers markets all play a part and they should be encouraged and supported by our land use policies.

When I am not working on the farm or cooking, I own and operate Scherer Enterprises offering design and remodeling services ( As a General Contractor and Certified Green Builder, my focus is renovating and upgrading existing homes. Careful deconstruction and reuse or recycling along with the selection of sustainable materials minimizes the impact of construction. Site specific designs create a home that is in harmony with its location. An improved building envelope and mechanical systems make a home more comfortable to live in and reduce energy consumption.”

We thought it would be fun to highlight members from the Food System Council every week so that you could get to know us!
We took a break over the holidays, and now are rebooting the member highlight.

We are a volunteer Clark County citizen council made up of members that represent health, nutrition, education, food security, waste management, resource conservation, business, agriculture, food distribution, and the greater community.