The Clark County Food System Council increases and preserves access to safe, local and healthy food for all residents of Clark County.


The Clark County Food System Council was formed to:

  • Establish and maintain a comprehensive dialogue and assessment of the current food system in our community;
  • Provide a forum for people involved in different parts of our community food system and government to meet and learn about how each others’ actions impact our food system;
  • Identify and prioritize issues and make recommendations that promote, support and strengthen access to healthy food for citizens in our community


To have a healthy and thriving local food system that:

  • Provides access to healthy and culturally appropriate food for all residents;
  • Values and preserves community land for food production;
  • Maximizes the use of local, regional and seasonal foods;
  • Meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the needs of future generations.


The Clark County Food System Council supports a viable, economical and sustainable local food system through multiple strategies including:

  • Strengthening the connections between food, health, natural resource protection, economic development and the agricultural community.
  • Researching, analyzing and reporting on information about the local food system.
  • Advocating for and advising on food system and food policy implementation.
  • Promoting and providing education on food system issues.